Offer live HD streaming facilities without spending on expensive studio equipment. If you already have a professional studio you can easily embed the livestream in the software.


Let people feel like they are walking around in your venue. Use images of your own reception desk or floor plan to create the same experience as people at your venue.


Without any technical knowledge you can set-up events within minutes. Easily assign co-workers or clients to manage content.

Experience the rich features


Choose from standard templates or upload your own floor plans and make it interactive in minutes. With a maximum of 50 presentation rooms your venue is larger than ever.


To experience how HDVENUES virtual events work you can view the Meetingselect demo event. Note that all graphics are completely customisable to match your venue and the identity of your clients’ event.

Note: To get access to the demo event please select ‘request access’. We will send you a personal access code to your email address.

  • Join now
  • The first year the membership is offered, you only pay a setup fee of €495.
  • Access to industry leading tech platform which is extremely easy to use
  • The possibility to adapt branding and mapping to each and every event
  • ‘Hybrid venue’ badge in the Meetingselect venue finder
  • Marketing & Sales promotion materials
  • Unlimited demo events to inform and convince clients, studio’s and agencies
  • Member venues can use HD Venues software for €395/event that hosts 200 attendees
    (Non-members pay the commercial rate of €3.995/event)
  • Support by Meetingselect

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to become a member?

Event Venue Digital Coöperatie U.A., in which HDVENUES software is housed, is a cooperative association. For the meeting industry… from the meeting industry. Our platform is specially designed for member venues. We believe it is very important that member venues can decide how future developments will look like. Furthermore the pricing model only works if we collaborate, members only pay €395/event while non-members pay the commercial rate of €3.995/event.

What happens when I become a member?

You will receive your HDVENUES login details to your customised portal. Via the portal you are able to create and activate meetings and events yourself. The portal also contains a demo environment to demonstrate your clients the HDVENUES software and what the possibilities are. Within the Meetingselect venue finder you will get the ‘hybrid venue’ badge so your venue gets noticed as hybrid venue to prospects from all over the world. You will also get access to sales and marketing materials for you to use at your convenience. Although the platform is straight forward and easy to use, the software suite contains instruction documentation and helpful videos. And, if support is needed, MEETINGSELECT we will be at your side to guide you setting up your event.

What do I get for €495?

The first year the membership is offered, you only pay a setup fee of €495 to get access to your HDVENUES environment.  We have to setup and maintain your customised portal with your demo environment and do some paperwork. If you have any questions during the process or regarding the possibilities of the platform, the MEETINGSELECT team will be at your side to offer support.

Do I need to download any software?

No, you do not have to download any software as the platform runs through the browser of your computer. We recommend that you have the latest browser installed (preferably Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

Which payment options do I have?

You can use the same payment method as you are currently using at MEETINGSELECT. If you would like to change your payment method please contact your account manager.

Can I end my membership at any time?

Yes, although your membership only costs you €495/year you can end your membership two months prior to the end date of your membership.


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The Netherlands

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